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Expert Expats is an Upwork Agency – Automated Billing, Secure Payments

“a pleasure to work with! skilled, pro active.”

SEA & SEO consultancy
Upwork Client
“A very talented Google Ads expert that we worked with, for our LATAM campaign.”

Setting up a new Google Ads campaign for Latin American market
Upwork Client
“excellent communication and project management. Was the SEA expert I needed. Pleasure to work with and would definitely recommend!!”

SEA en Site optimalisatie
Upwork Client
“Have collaborated several times and will continue to do so!!”

Dutch Translator Expert in SEO & Keyword Research (Medical/Pharma)
Upwork Client

Intrinsically motivated high performers

Moving abroad is a big step. Something that distinguises a standard employee from a risk taker. We have a broad prespective on the world and understand other cultures. Our entrepeneurial spirit and cultural heritage combined with new perspectives make us different.

Wether we were once sent for an assigment abroad, followed our partner, or found a better place to live while wandering around looking for adventure. We choose to settle on new grounds – somewhere on this tiny blue dot . We are pioneers. 

Remote work is one of the pillars that make location independent wellbeing possible. It helps to reduce traffic jams and turning office buildings into affordable houses. With Expert Expats you get access to intrinsically motivated high performing professionals with the local knowledge that is essential for your marketing and sales teams. 

You get the benefits of outsourcing remote tasks to off shore based freelancers, without the language or cultural barriers. 

Get started today and add your first Expert Expat to your team.

Search Engine Advertising

  • PPC Advertising Campaign Set Up & Management
  • Google Ads Account Optimization
  • LinkedIn Ads Strategy
  • Micosoft Ads Additional Search Audiences
  • Facebook Ads The Meta Standard
  • Instagram Ads Expansion
  • Taboola Ads For Native Advertising

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Search Engine Optimization

  • Google Search Console 
  • SEO Spiders
  • Internal Link Structure
  • Backlink Building Strategy
  • Yoast SEO optimization
  • Better Rankings in Google Search 
  • Organic Traffic Boost

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Social Media Management

  • Multi Channel Approach
  • Local Facebook Manager
  • Native Instagram Creaters
  • LinkedIn Customer Service
  • Twitter client support
  • Youtube automations and support

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Full Service Agency

  • From Online Presence to Delivery
  • Web Design
  • Media Buying
  • Lead Generation
  • Sales Reps
  • Customer Service

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Latin America & Carribean (LAC)
Expert Expats
Las Palmas del Este #25
CP 3560 – Planta Alta
Santa Cruz de la Sierra

Tel: +591 71036610  www.expertexpats.com

Europe – Middle East – Afrika (EMEA)
Houdyk p.a. Expert Expats
Rademakersgilde 115
3994 BR Houten


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