Finding great people is hard, motivating great people to stay is even harder.

Sweat equity is one of the ways that can motivate your team intrinsically. It would help if more businesses would use that as an incentive to attract and keep the best people for your organization.

The reality is different.

In reality, most organisations focuss not on creating jobs, their focuss is profit. Having full time staff is expensive and comes with long term obligations. That is why organisations have a so called flexible skin.

In the average organisation, this flexible skin is growing year after year.

A typical boot strapped start up only works with freelancers next to the founder or founders. Easy come, easy go. As soon as something goes not according to plan, the first ones to go are the freelancers. Oftentimes the ones who helped built something from the ground up, end up with nothing but work done.

This is today.

This can be different.


Expert Expats helps organizations deploy international marketing campaigns. In todays fully remote digital work environment we sthrive for a seemless integration with your organisation – at any scale – from local, to national and international context. We enable intrinsically motivated freelancers and teams with a proven track record, who are established abroad, with location independent assignments. This way we facilitate remote work for expatriats and their partners, unlocking their local knowlegde and expertise.


We are going to change the way work is done by introducing ownership for the flexible skin.
Making sustainable impact in organisations, people’s lives and our surroundings by developing and implementing new reward mechanisms.

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