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Google Ads is a very effective advertising channel. If you advertise on Google Ads you get access to paid placements in the traditional Google Search results and several other Google channels. There is Google Search, Google Display, Youtube, Gmail, Discovery, Shopping, Performance Max. The reach of Google Ads has enormous potential. You must know or learn how to use it wisely though.

Is Google Ads a good way to advertise?

Is Google Ads a good way to advertise for a small business? For a brick and mortar shop? Or a starting business? As with all advertising efforts, if your product or service is not good, you can advertise as much as you want, it will not bring you success.

It can be a good way to quickly find out if a new idea has potential in a certain market. Just send some traffic and learn how the people respond to your website offers. Very insightfull, easy and effective.

In most situations we would recommend advertising with Google Ads if you already have a proven concept and an estimation of what the current cost are to bring in a new client or lead, versus the customer life time value.

In other words. If you know your acquisition costs, you can effectively test Google Ads as advertising channel.

How do I advertise on Google Ads?

Just go to and create your account. The typical client we are onboarding already has a Google Ads account up and running, either set up by themselves, or with help of a digital marketing agency.

For the best probability of succes, you will need to have a fast loading website in top shape, with a clear product or service and call to action. Create an ad, add you payment details and your’re up and running.

That is if you pass the verification process. Your webiste and payment details needs to meet certain requirements.

How much does Google Ads cost?

Should you wonder how much does Google Ads cost, or how much extra profit can it bring? I reccon the last! Once you have esteblished the value of every new client, you can determine at what avarage cost per aquisition you are willing to run your ads.

At first there is learning money to pay. That is obvious, but as soon as the optimization and automatization hits, Google Ads can become an unstoppable money maker. Over time you can even run campaigns on fully automated bidding strategies that focus on Return On Ad Spent (ROAS).

Do no longer worry about Costs Per Click, and look at the bigger picture and watch your business grow!

Is advertising on Google Ads free?

Why ask is advertising on Google Ads free? Oftentimes people do not know the difference between paid and organic results in Google Search. Search Engine Optimization (SEM) is all about getting free visits to your website. That is very nice to get ofcourse. I have to mention something never is really free. To get people coming to your website after a google search, its content need to be researched, written, published, and optimised. That is effort you must make yourself, or hire someone to do it for you.

The fast lane to website traffic is paid advertising. Often referred to as Search Engine Advertising (SEA) or Search Engine Marketing (SEM). It still pays off to have great content on your website, because if you have relevant content on your webiste you pay less for every website visitor, but the most important part is that you can send people to see your website almost instantly. That comes with a cost. And that is ok.

Let us help you with Google Ads

Are you tired of figuring Google Ads out yourself? Not satisfied with your current Google Ads Agency? Let us help you with Google Ads so you can focus on serving your clients.

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