Dutch Expats

Joepie! You made it to our website, and even better, to this specific page about Dutch Expats.

Let me explain the concept real quick. A full seo text will come later, or not, we are busy working on client projects.

The digital marketing agency space is all about what makes you unique. And when this started as a small digital marketing agency, looking for what is the unique unifying factor, I realised the best workers are all Expert Expats.

Enter The Dutch Market

Because of our roots in The Netherlands, logicaly we start with serving all businesses that want to enter the Dutch market, or businesses that are based in The Netherlands. In many projects we were doing just that anyway!

What makes us experts? We all have spectaculair track records on Upwork as freelancers in various fields of digital marketing. The Upwork Top Rated status is our first filter.

Secondly, what makes us a special kind of people? We choose to become an expat. Either for a job, following a partner, seeking adventure, or escaping the rain. We have settled now, far from our homecountry and brought our expertise with us.

Hire Expert Expats remotely. We were working remote way before Covid, and can integrate in your team with ease.

Is it expensive to hire an expert? We charge fair market rates, similar and competitive with national rates. Our profile rates are all inclusive fees. They include the Upwork escrow fee, an agency fee and local (outside EU) taxes. The fact that we live in low cost countries makes us a smart choice. We do not have to work as much as our Dutch colleagues at home to make a living, so we are well rested, motivated and therefore more eficient in what we do.

Later I will insert an inquiery form here. At this date (10 of August 2023) the virtual ink of this domain is still dry, so I will just place a link to our agency at Upwork.

Hire us today!

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