How To Draft Your Mission and Vision

One of the key elements of any organisation are its mission and vision.

These few lines are sometime hard to come up with, and in some cases these are the results of internal processes or brainstorming with a consultant. In this case I just made them up.

Yes, just from the top of my mind.

That does not mean these are less valuable. For me it was easy to come up with a few lines of mission and vision, because I have pretty clear in mind what we are doing now, and were we want to go.

Ideally this is something to review every once in a while to see if your organization is still alligned with it.

Let me try to explain it even shorter.

I suggested on other accoasions that your tag line and title shoudl reflect your mission as well, so how is this going so far?

Expert Expats helps organizations meet their goals with top of class freelancers on an individual basis or in a dedicated team. In todays fully remote digital work environment we sthrive for a seemless integration with your organisation – at any scale – in an national and international context. We enable intrinsically motivated freelancers with a proven track record, who are established abroad, with location independent assignments. This way we facilitate remote work for expatriats and their partners, unlocking their local knowlegde and expertise.

tag line
Top Rated Professionals Living Abroad

Expert Expats

You see a little discrepancy between the mission (top of class freelancers) and the tag line (top rated freelancers). This is because the top rated qualification is an Upwork qualification, and althoug it is important, it is not the exclusive qualificator for a top of class freelancer. So that is a little disclaimer.

About our vision I can be short. The way work is done and people are motivated must change. Intorducign ownserhsip for the flexible skin is one of the reward mechanisms we will explore to do so.

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